Beer – We brew or you brew

Choose to brew these at home or let us make them on premises for you.

2-3 weeks to brew & ready to drink immediately.
Each batch of beer yields about 22 liters – 62 (355 ml bottles) or 44 (500 ml bottles)

Brew House Commercial Example
American Premium Lager Genuine Draft
Cream Ale Sleeman Cream Ale
Honey Blonde Ale
India Pale Ale Keith’s
Light Canadian Lager Labatt’s Light
Mexican Cerveza Corona
Munich Dark Lager Newcastle Brown Ale
Pale Ale Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Pilsner Grolsch/Beck’s
Prairie Wheat
Red Ale Rickard’s Red
Stout Guinness Stout
Oktoberfest While quantities last
Spring Dark Lager While quantities last


Barons Premium Commercial Example
Amber Ale Mendocino’s Red Tail Ale
Brown Ale Newcastle Brown Ale
Dutch Lager Heinekin
Pale Ale Granville Island Pale Ale
Redwood Ale Okanagan Spring Pale Ale
Lime Lager Bud Lime


Barons North American Commercial Example
American Lite Coors Light
Canadian Draught Labatt’s Genuine Draught
Canadian High Test Old Stock
Canadian Golden Ale Sleeman’s Cream Ale
Canadian Lager Labatt’s Blue
Canadian Pislner Labatt’s Classic
Mexican Cerveza Corona